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Dreamer Act Movie is Gianpieher And Nora The Enterprising .. are living with their parents the American dream. They have brought together two great brothers in Cali Colombia and decide to come to Miami tions with the intention of staying illegally in the United States, their parents struggle to create a successful business. But also there have been sacrifices along the way.

Everything changes when Nora Mother can not legalize their children which are retained and Nora's house Gianpieher The Enterprising and is filled with FBI agents & ICE and private life is investigated. Mother Nora desperately works with agents to bring it back home. 


The terrifying experience causes reassess their union and gives a deeper meaning in their commitment to each other. As the hours pass, the need to return home is becoming more urgent. In place that they will remain locked up for life. Now his family is the only goal and Nora Mother seeks help from politicians for their children are not deported.

The Dreamer Act Movie...Nora The Enprendedora and Gianpieher .. do not let their dreams fade away and make a student movement to take the benefit of the suspension on deportations and a better education for Latinos living in the United States.
The measure benefits largely undocumented youth who have been waiting for a similar project DREAM ACT Democratic pursued normalization life and grant a path to citizenship to undocumented youth who choose a college or career military measure.
The Dreamer..Nora The Emprendedora is a Film And documentary for television series where Hispanic leaders will fight hard determination to rein in the coming years the deportation of undocumented youth who came to the United States at the hands of their parents.
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Hernan "Tatty" Sanclemente.


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Hernan "Tatty" Sanclemente

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Luis G Prieto
Graduated from NYFA School in NYC. Of the Arts film program with a concentration in cinematography as well - Miami Date Collage in Florida for Wed Developer to learn about how works and how internet marketing and internet web design & Program in Post-Production Editing.
Luis was trained to shoot on film, but was an early adopter of digital video technology, which has become so prevalent today.  He shot one of the first national television shows, Telemundo NY - Sabado 47, to use the mini DV format & UMatic 3/4 Cameras.  Luis took advantage of the small camera size and developed a unique style that he incorporates into his cinematography to this day.  Some projects in which Luis used the cutting edge technology the he has experience with cameras include the widely popular and critically acclaimed like: ARRI ALEXA, CINEALTA, PANAVISION, SONY MOTION CAMERAS, F3, F65, F55, RED CINEMA, RED EPIC, & SCARLET, BLACKMAGIC 4.6K & 4K, CANON C300, GOPRO 4K  for Multiple Projects, Clients, people and company.
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