Latino Marketing

More than 52 million U.S. Latinos. Purchasing power expected to reach $1.7 trillion. With stats like these, it soon may cost brands more to neglect this market than to invest in it. But “Latino” isn’t one generic community. It’s a multi-faceted audience, and reaching it means bridging language and lifestyle differences.

At LUISGPRIETO - STUDIOS , we understand this audience the Latino Maket. Our network of seasoned bilingual, multi-cultural experts get the importance of meaningful, authentic partnerships. So we develop strategic marketing programs that speak to the needs and values of Latino communities. How do we know all this? We ourselves are members of this critical demographic.

We’re also top trend specialists. Our insights and analysis hone in on the key Latino issues that consumers care about. Check out our vast offerings and tools of the trade:
•In-culture planning uncovers culturally relevant insights
•Media-planning tool forges the most strategic path to reach Latino audiences
•ROI Hispanic gauges return on investment for media programs targeting Latinos

Some of today's largest companies and renowned brands have taken advantage of our expertise. How can we help you reach your target Latino audience?