Every business understands the value of testimonials. Using video testimonials on your website takes this to a whole new level, and will significantly help you to win more business.

While most companies rely on text and static images, video delivers so much more: hearing and seeing your best clients speak with enthusiasm and sincerity about your business is incredibly powerful. One of the most powerful uses of video in marketing is its ability to provide evidence.

Very simply, we film 3 or 4 of your top clients, and then edit together all of the best bits down to no more than 3 minutes. We add a subtle soundtrack and even create title graphics to help reinforce your key messages. We then convert the video so its ready for web and hey presto, your video testimonial can start helping you convert more sales.

Don’t forget that unlike anyone else in the US, we don’t charge a lump production fee for making a video testimonial film for your company.