A television commercial, TV spot also known as, is an audiovisual soprte short duration, used in advertising to convey a message to a publeco determined, through a communication medium such as television.

A script is running literary preparation. It is of great importance as it clarifies the point of view of both technical and artistic spot.

It has to be direct and understandable, and for this, we must take into account the medium through which it is presented (in this case, television) as well as the public anger directed at you.

The cost of a $ 1,500 begins

Full HD Quality (1080x1980)

Duration, 15, 30, 60 seconds.

Do not forget that unlike any other company in the U.S., we will increase the success in using our strategies and video marketing tools.

I certainly do not claim to be the cheapest. But our mission is to make video marketing is accessible without compromising quality.

5 Benefits of a TV commercial video.
It is good to have a good product or a good service, but sometimes not enough
It is good to sell at a fair price, but not enough.
Nor is it enough to have arranged and conditioning the premises.
If you want my business grow and prosper, both need besides the already my clients, as they are not, have a good image of my business, and also this will spread.
Make a TV comercial not an expense but an INVESTMENT.