- RENTAL In NJ-NY-CT Tri-State Area -

STUDIO RENTAL FACILITY rental studio offers 1950 sq/ft. of space FULL WHITE with 14Ft with a Silver Refleccion ceiling with plenty of height (14ft)  to put your lights just where you want them. THE STUDIO which you can use to create incredibly professional images as photography - videography  - cinematography - the professional digital film - feature films cinematic production - 

Movies - TV set - Business Meetings - Parties up 50 People 

Perfect for fashion, portrait, product, model, dancers, photographer,  independent producers, commercials, Infomercials, interview style, TV studios sets, shows studio, and much more. Studio was designed to provide an affordable rental studio for:


Photographers, Cinematographers, Videographers, Producers & Others

- as well as to be a space for photographers who are interested in learning photography and exploring the craft. The studio offers a number of areas for our rental clients photography needs. The bays can be rented separately or in groups to meet any configuration needed.  All in one place.

No other studio in the area boasts a studio complete with all this…

  • 1) Large 16 x 8 cyclorama (or infinity) wall. No more dealing with seamless backdrops.
  • 2) Various role paper dops  12' ft Green & 12' ft  Black and 12' ft White additional as well some cloth, so you can achieve the look you need..
  • One Octagon soft light Giant 8 Feet
  • 4 LED bescors dimer Lights Elinchrom Lighting Kits, softboxes, grids and modifiers.
  • Music Equipment Cd ipad Cell usb
  • One area for Makeup and wardrobe 


Television Commercials 

Visual Effects

-Independent Films -

 -Music Videos- 

- Behind the Scenes - & - Events Cover

-Corporate & Video Marketing - 

-Weddings -Sweet 15/16 - Social Events-

Contact For Booking Today ! 

201-766-8981 / 917-5035847


Still Photography Studio Rental:

FAST RENTAL STUDIO (Min. 2 hrs.) $149

HALF DAY STUDIO (4 hrs.) $250 

FULL DAY STUDIO (8 hrs.) $450 

Small Crew 1-15 People Max.

AC power for lighting and other types of equipment that is to be plugged into studio outlets, you must let us know in advanced. 
(Additional fee according to electric wattage usage).

Video / Film Studio Rental Rates:

FAST RENTAL STUDIO (2 hrs.) $199

HALF DAY STUDIO (4 hrs.) $350 

FULL DAY STUDIO (8 hrs.) $600 

Small Crew 1-15 People Max.

AC power for lighting and other types of equipment that is to be plugged into studio outlets, you must let us know in advanced. 
(Additional fee according to electric wattage usage).

Studio Rental Rates 

All studio rentals require a non-refundable deposit to hold your date and time. 
* 2 Hour Minimum Reservation. Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Studio Add-ons: 
Lighting Setup + $20 (Must specify setup when booking) 
Studio/Lighting Assistant + $40/Hr. 
Seamless Paper + $10 per. pull 
Clean-Up Fee: + $50 
Damage Fee: + $150 & Up 
Studio Lighting/Basics Course $40


What is included:

  • Professional studio space to use at any time you need*
  • Free use of lighting equipment during rentals is in you pack Only
  • Use of all backdrops, props & lighting equipment
  • Client conference area 
  • Discounted On-Site Camera, Lens & Equipment Rental Rates
  • Discounted access to special events and classes
  • *Based on availability. Additional Studio time - $50 per hour


(The Studio)

5307 Kennedy Blvd North Bergen. NJ 07047
(Across Street of PC Richards & Sons Store)



1 Ground floor location  

White color Roll Paper Background, shooting area:
16 ft. width x 18 ft. depth with 10 ft. ceiling. Seamless 
Background Peper (107" x 12yds) 

1 black color Roll Paper Background, shooting area:
16 ft. width x  18 ft. depth with 10 ft. ceiling. 
Seamless Background Peper (107" x 12yds) 

 1 Green color Roll Paper Background, shooting area:  16 ft. width x  18 ft. depth with 10 ft. ceiling. Seamless Background Peper (107" x 12yds) (Sage/Techgreen)

Other colors painted would have to be requested with a $250 cove painting charge for each painted cove in addition to studio rate.

1 bathroom, small changing room, multi purpose 
room, lounge area, (12 x 10) clothing racks,, Comfort Team Beanch / 14 Person / 21 ft.,  (4) Walls with Mirrors, Disco Ball, (3) Lighting rack on the ceiling,  
sound system w/2 CD player & iPod input, DSL WiFi, (4) 8ft. folding table w/ 30 chairs and 110V power outlets for sill shoots & parking on the street (Parking Meters).

AC power for lighting and other types of equipment
that is to be plugged into studio outlets, you must let 
us know in advanced. 
(Additional fee according to electric wattage usage).


STUDIO EQUIPMENT RENTAL AVAILABLE  has a large selection of rental equipment including studio lighting, cameras, lenses, tripods, on-camera flashes and accessories.  You can bring your own cameras, lenses, lighting and any other gear you may need.  Additionally, if you have specific props or backdrops you want to use, you can bring those, too.

Private Instruction
If you're new to studio photography or Cinematography and would like to better understand the equipment options to achieve various lighting styles, as well as to gain confidence working in a professional photo & Video studio, we have several options.

First, you can sign up for one of our introductory workshops. If you prefer individual instruction the rate is $75 per hour if you provide the model. Lessons can be scheduled in the studio at your convenience. Just drop us a line if you would like more information or would like to schedule a session.

While workshops can be good learning events, private instruction means you shoot the model 100% of the time. Working with a pro you can experiment with creative lighting techniques and take advantage of the equipment and lighting available for your use at  studio.  You will leave not only with amazing images but will emerge with confidence in your ability to shoot in a professional studio environment.  We make sure these instruction events are lively and fun and you'll be ready to shoot on your own after just two or three hours of instruction.

We offer a variety of Photographic & Cinematography Services including:

  • Studio Portraits
  • Weddings & Sweet - Video Cinema & Photo
  • Special Events
  • Senior Portraits
  • Head Shots
  • Family Location Portraits
  • Product Photography & Video marketing


A credit card is required:
in order to rent at + 2 forms  Photo ID is required for all rental clients.  We reserve the right to require a credit authorization before authorizing a studio or equipment rental.


(You Must Be Agreed to Our Terms & Conditions)

Rental Terms:

1.All reservations require a 50% deposit for studio
rental time
(in order to be considered other wise is not a confirm reservation).

2.C.O.D. ; All studio rentals are to be paid, prior to
the start of the shoot in the form of Cash, Cashier's Check made Payable to Studios.
 (Debit & Credit Card Add 3.5% VISA, Mastercard,  American Express)

3.Whether the Studio is rented for 4 hour (1/2 Day), 8 hour (Full-Day)
depending on prior arrangements, that includes shooting, load-in and out, pre-time and strike. Overtime is Time and half, which is time over 4 hours or 9 hours. Overtime rate billed in 30 minutes increments of $50.

4.The full rental amount is required as a deposit in form of Cash, Cashier's Check, VISA, Mastercard, or Cashier's Check to secure a Studio Booking once a Hold has been confirmed. A Studio Hold has no charges attached; it is only an Unconfirmed Booking. However, if the renter no longer needs the studio, the are still obliged to call to cancel.

5.Kill Fee/Refund Policy Without A Lost Booking: If the Studio was forced to refuse another rental on the same day and lose a booking because of the Renter's Confirmation and Booing of the Studio, the Renter shall forfeit the entire Deposit, unless that day book otherwise.

6.Kill Fee/Refund Policy without A Lost Booking: If the Rental time is canceled or postponed by the Renter with more than 48 hrs. Notice, the Producer shall receive 50% of their deposit back within 24 hrs., the Renter canceled or postponed by the Renter with more that 48 Hrs. notice the Renter shall receive 25% of their deposit back within 24 hrs. If any re-scheduling, Renter will have to pay full fee for new rental date.

7.A Security Deposit of $200 and Proof of Liability Insurance may also be required at the time of rental. The Insurance Certificate must name LUISGPRIETO.COM Studios as Additional Insured; The Security deposit is for cleaning and Damages that may occur within the premises and is Full Refundable within 24 hours of the end of the Rental. If any damages to studio facility, furnishings, etc., charges will be issued accordingly and would have to be paid before leaving the studio.

8.A list of all cast crew, models, etc. (Once listed, only those will be allowed present during rental hours).

9.Studio must be clean up as if it was when arriving or a fee $150 will be applied for clean up charges.

10.Studio rental will be supervised at all times by one of our staff members and by our surveillance cameras

11.The Studio  has permission to take pictures or videos to be used for advertising.

12.The Studio assumes no liability/responsibility for any property brought on or delivered to the event site by guests, contractors or vendors in any time.


(((Note: We reserved the right to refused serving to anyone with a bad attitude.)))